************************5 Star Reader's Favorite Medal************************

Who Are You? Essential Questions for Hitchhikers on the Road of Truth explores the questions we need to ask to live lives of meaning. Drawing upon Dr. John G. Cottone’s expertise in human behavior as a clinical psychologist, as well as his extensive knowledge of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, Who Are You? inspires readers to gently spiral through deeper states of contemplation and self-inquiry. Dr. Cottone uses Socratic dialogues to help individuals explore the psychology of human behavior, politics, science, metaphysics, and the mysteries of God.

Like a good psychotherapy session, Who Are You? poses essential questions without imposing dogmatic answers. Who Are You? can be used as a meditation companion, a catalyst for group discussion, a personal mirror for honest glimpses at the soul and a tool for self-growth.

A FREE PDF version of the book can be obtained by clicking on the link below, while print copies and eBooks in formats compatible with the iPad, Kindle and Nook can be obtained through all major online book retailers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Free PDF Version of Who Are You?


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